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Why I Love Cloth Diapers

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I started cloth diapering my daughter fifteen months ago. Since then I have become an avid cloth diaper advocate. Appropriately, I thought I would share some of the reasons why I love cloth diapers.

1. We save money.

The average baby uses 8 diapers a day (or more). 8 diapers a day is 2, 920 diapers a year. Assuming that baby potty trains on his/her second birthday, that is 5,840 diapers. The average box of diapers contains about 100 diapers and costs 20 dollars. 30 boxes a year x 20 dollars a box x 2 years (minimum) =  1200 dollars.

I have an above average baby, so she went through at least 10-12 diapers a day her entire first year. She averaged a box of diapers a week for her first few weeks. If she had continued that trend, 52 boxes of diapers over 2 years would have cost 2,080 dollars!

My cloth diaper stash cost less than 300 dollars. Wash, rinse, repeat.

2. It’s healthier for baby.

Baby’s have sensitive skin. Unlike disposables, cloth diapers absorb wetness without relying on chemicals. No chemicals means less cause for irritation. There are also lots of different kinds of diaper fabrics, depending on your baby’s needs. You can have only certified organic cotton touch you baby’s bum, if that is what you want.

3. Leaks don’t happen.

Disposable diapers leak, a lot. Every parent has a story of the day the diaper failed and a wet lap (or worse) was the result. Switching to cloth fixed this problem for me. Cloth diapers don’t leak, especially diapers made from natural fibers (cotton or hemp.) In fact, cotton prefold diapers absorb so well, I frequently let my baby run around in just a pinned prefold with no cover. This is called “going coverless” in the cloth diaper world and it is great for allowing air flow and promoting healthy skin on baby’s bum. Even with no waterproof cover, cloth diapers don’t leak.

4. We never worry about running out of diapers.

I have never had to rush to the store for an emergency diaper run. More diapers are just one load of laundry away. I have peace of mind knowing that I will never run out of diapers, no matter how busy I get or how many my child goes through. I also use cloth baby wipes that I made myself. I never run out of wipes either.

These are just a few reasons why I love cloth diapers. I could write plenty more, but this entry would go on forever.

Going coverless.


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