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Cloth Baby Wipes: The Final Frontier

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I wrote the following post as a note on Facebook in February 2011. My daughter was ten months old at the time.

Cloth Baby Wipes: The Final Frontier

“Cloth wipes? What? Are you nuts?”

I said that a few months ago. I was researching cloth diapers online and found more than one source that insisted cloth baby wipes are a must for cloth diapering. I refused to accept it. “I will not use cloth wipes. That is definately too much trouble.” I tried my hardest to resist! Yet, I found myself reading about them and researching. I watched youtube videos and read blogs. “Ok. I might consider cloth wipes if I can find a cheap way to use them” You see, buying presewn cloth wipes and premixed wipe solution would cost at least fifty dollars to get started. True to my stingy nature, I refused to spend that.

…..more research…more youtube videos….more blogs……

“Aha! I found a way to get us set with plenty of cloth wipes and solution for five dollars!”

Here’s how I did it. First, I sewed my own cloth wipes. I cut up old receiving blankets that my child has not used since she was a month old and sewed them into two-ply wipes. Then, I mixed my own wipe solution using baby wash, baby oil, and water. Put the solution into a cheap plastic spray bottle and Voila! The only things I had to buy were the baby wash ($1.50 for the Walmart brand), baby oil ($2.50), and the spray bottle ($1.00).

Want to make your own cloth wipes? Here are the steps:

1. Cut two 27 inch by 27 inch receiving blankets into nine inch squares. Each set of two blankets makes nine two ply wipes. (If you have any other soft scrap fabric or old soft t-shirt, that will work too.)

2. Machine sew two squares together. Straight stitches are okay, but more complex stitches work best. Trim away the excess fabric outside the stitching.

3. Repeat until you have the desired number of wipes. You will need at least 24. I made 36.

How to make wipe solution:


1 cup water

1 tbs baby wash/shampoo

1tbs baby oil

1 tbs baby lotion (optional)

Pour into spray bottle (for the “dry method) or wipes container (for the “wet method”).

The Dry Method:

Take a dry baby wipe and spray with a spray bottle filled with wipe solution or spray baby’s bottom directly with wipe solution. Wipe clean.

The Wet Method:

Place baby wipes into a wipes container or wipes warmer. Pour premade solution over wipes and allow the wipes to absorb the solution.

Either way, the used wipes go directly into the diaper pail with the cloth diapers and get laundered the same way. There is no need to separate before washing. When you baby is no longer in diapers, use them again as rags.


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One thought on “Cloth Baby Wipes: The Final Frontier

  1. We used cloth wipes exclusively. Never found it necessary to use anything other than water, either. It’s cheap, it’s easy. We were given some bamboo wash cloths when Squish was born, and they were fabulous, but cheap baby wash cloths work just as well. Avoid paying big bucks for a cloth diaper “brand.” Bum genius wipes were rougher than I liked and were not absorbent at all.

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