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Cloth Diapers- Yes You Can!

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I first published the following post as a note on Facebook in July 2010. My daughter was four months old at the time.

Cloth Diapers- Yes You Can!

I am so tired of hearing people groan when I tell them I keep my daughter in cloth diapers. I really feel for my friends who say they always wanted to try cloth diapers, but everyone told them they were wasting their time. I am here to say: Stick it to the man! Cloth diaper your baby!

Disposable diapers are horribly expensive, especially considering what they are used for. A box of 80 Pampers currently costs about 20 bucks. When I still used disposable diapers every day, my daughter went through about a box and a quarter every week. Now Ariana wears cloth diapers and I’m laughing all the way to the bank.

So let’s run the numbers.  To get started cloth diapering, I bought two dozen cloth diapers, six covers, and two wet bags (don’t worry, I’ll explain what all this is for). That ran me about 150 bucks. That translates to less than seven weeks worth of disposable diapers. Ariana will be big enough for the next size diaper at about six months of age (and that size will last through potty training). Another 40 dollars for the size upgrade. Let’s throw in 10 more dollars just to even it out.

200 dollars buys enough cloth diapers to last 2-3 years!

200 dollars buys 10 weeks worth of disposable diapers.

Next, the problem of how hard they are to use. My friends, cloth diapers are not hard to use. They are, in fact, very easy. Three different kinds of cloth diapers exist on the market today. Traditional cloth diapers that have been around forever (called prefolds), all-in-one diapers, and pocket diapers.

Prefolds with covers are the most economical way to diaper a baby. Prefold diapers are flat rectangles of cotton that you wrap around your baby just like all women did a hundred years ago. Then you cover the prefold with a waterproof cover to keep the wetness in. This is the diaper system I use.

All-in-one diapers are designed to be used just like disposable diapers. They work the same way, you just put them in a laundry bag instead of the garbage. These kinds of diapers are more expensive than what I use and will run you more than 200 bucks, but you will still spend less than disposables.

Pocket diapers also work just like disposables except for one extra step. They have a pocket inside that you stuff with thick terry cloth “soaker.” The “soaker” absorbs all the moisture. Pocket diapers run about the same amount of money as all-in-ones.

So, interested in cloth? Afraid?


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