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A Tale of Five Dozen Prefolds

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Last night, while getting Ariana ready for bed, my husband realized that she had left her sippy cup on the lower shelf of her changing table. Milk had climbed up the straw of the cup and a small puddle formed.

“I’ll go get a paper towel,” he said dutifully and headed toward the kitchen, but I stopped him.

“We don’t need a paper towel. We have these.” And I pulled out one of the prefolds sitting on the very same shelf. With one swipe, I soaked up the mess and tossed the prefold into the diaper pail.

As Ariana would say, “All done!”

There are few things as useful and versatile as a prefold cloth diaper. I’ve used them as diapers, burp cloths, changing pads, and rags. They are great for any cleaning task because they are so soft and absorbant. Best of all, they are extremely durable, and wash up fresh every time.

Recently, I’ve discovered other uses for prefolds. I love to sew and a few months ago I decided to make my own pocket diapers. I had no pattern and my goal was to make the pocket diapers as cheaply as possible, just to see if I could do it. I bought a yard of solid PUL fabric and a yard of fleece, plus a spool of thread, two packages of ¼ inch braided elastic, and two packages of sew-on velcro. Total cost: thirty dollars. If my calculations were correct, I could sew six medium size pocket diapers.

So what were the prefolds for? Inserts, of course! I took six toddler prefolds and trimmed the length and width to fit my new pocket diapers. Success!

But wait! There’s more! Recently, the sewing bug bit me again. I came across a tutorial for converting prefold diapers into fitted diapers. (Thanks Malia!) The result: all the absorbancy of a prefold diaper minus a lot of extra bulk, creating a great fit. Oh, and I got to add printed fabric to the diapers to make them pretty. How much for this new and improved diaper? One package of elastic (makes about three diapers) for $1.50 and old receiving blankets (free).

I’m still thinking of new and exciting things to do with my prefolds. I currently have two dozen small (infant) size cotton prefolds and three dozen large (toddler) size cotton prefolds. About ten of the toddler prefolds have been sewn into other things so far. I have entertained the idea of converting a couple into All-In-One diapers, but my daughter is a little too close to potty training for the expense of the PUL. I suspect I will be making more fitted diapers simply because they are just so cute.

We will have to wait and see!


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I'm a neurotic stay-at-home-mom, formerly a middle school English teacher, trying to survive parenthood. I am married to a soldier, Dale, and we have two daughters, Ariana and Lorien.

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