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Potty Play By Play: Part Two – Ready, Set, Ready?

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So Christmas has come and gone. Back in November, when I wrote Part One, I decided that potty training would officially start after the holidays. I travel a lot during the spring, summer, and fall, but very little in the winter, so it seemed like the best time. Since Part One, I have made many steps toward training readiness.


First, I bought Ariana a potty. I chose the Fisher-Price Cheer For Me! Potty because it looked the most like a toilet. I figured Ariana might be a little confused if I was going potty on a toilet and she was going potty on a frog. It just didn’t seem logical to me to get a potty that didn’t look like a potty. So I bought the Cheer For Me! Potty and put it in the guest bathroom directly across from the toilet. Then, I sat on the toilet and invited Ariana to sit on hers. She got the concept immediately and began sitting on her potty each and every time I sat on mine.


I let Ariana take the potty apart and put it back together at least a hundred times over the next month. I kept a basket of board books in the bathroom near the toilet so Ariana could sit and read. I had Ariana’s favorite doll practice sitting on the potty too.


Next, I went out and bought training pants. True to my Mom-of-the-Cloth nature, I bought reusable cloth training pants. Luckily for me, my favorite cloth diaper brand Flip by Cottonbabies came out with a new trainer just last year. I went to my local cloth retailer, Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique, and invested in new, snazzy cloth trainers, patting myself on the back for being so frugal-chic. (I also went to Wal-mart and bought ONE box of disposable training pants for Ariana’s morning daycare. I hope I never have to buy another.)


Finally, I let Ariana wear her super cute overalls, one last time. They won’t work with potty training since they take so long to get on and off, but they are adorable.


So here we are. Potty training has begun. Stay tuned to my blog for updates.


Author: maryedlife

I'm a neurotic stay-at-home-mom, formerly a middle school English teacher, trying to survive parenthood. I am married to a soldier, Dale, and we have two daughters, Ariana and Lorien.

One thought on “Potty Play By Play: Part Two – Ready, Set, Ready?

  1. You can do it Mary! (and Ariana!)

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