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How to Sew a Card Table Play House: A Free Tutorial



Recently, on Pinterest, I saw a picture of a card table play house. Essentially, the house was an embellished table cloth supported by a foldable card table. “What a great idea!” I said and immediately searched the internet for one to give to my two-year-old daughter. Sadly, the play houses for sale on Etsy were too expensive and there were no patterns available that I liked. Then, I stumbled on a blog written by a crafty mom. She took it upon herself to sew her own play house and took lots of pictures to share it with the world. (If you are interested, here is the link to her post: This crafty mom inspired me to sew my own play house. Inspired by her design, I created my own.

And I am giving it to all of you.

This post includes step by step directions and pictures. You are welcome! Now let’s get sewing!


4 yds fabric for outside

4 yds fabric for inside

1 yd fabric for door

1 yd fabric for roof

colored felt (amount depends on what you make)

craft glue (I prefer Tacky Glue.)

wax paper (for making patterns)

Note: The amount of fabric is based on a standard 28 inch by 34 inch by 34 inch card table. You will probably find it easier to have the card table set up while you sew. It makes checking for appropriate sizing quick and easy. It also gives you an additional work surface.


1. Iron all fabric. I used broad cloth for the walls and roof because it is light and inexpensive, but any cotton or cotton blend will do. For a little flair, I used blue flannel for the door. I just wanted it to look different.

2. Cut the four yards of outside fabric into four separate yards. The rectangular pieces will be longer and higher than the sides of the table, but we will trim them later.

3. Cut a door pattern out of wax paper. It should be 24 by 14 inches.

4. Center on your first panel and pin. Allow a one inch seam allowance at the bottom.

5. Cut the height of the door on either side, but do not cut the top (width).


6. Pin back the edges of the door and door frame on the wrong side of the fabric and zig zag stitch.


7. Use your wax paper pattern to cut a piece of the door fabric and sew that fabric to the door (right side of fabric).



8. Decorate the front panel. I made a flower pot and a mail box.


IMG_03259. Cut a window pattern out of wax paper 14 inches square.

10. Mark the center of the first side panel and cut out the window. Zig zag stitch down the edges on the wrong side of the fabric.

11. Cut strips of felt for the window panes and pin and sew them to the wrong side of the fabric.

12. Decorate the panel however you like. I made a climbing rose on this side. I made the roses myself by hand. Here is the tutorial for the roses if you are as crazy as me:



13. Repeat steps 10-12 for the other side. I chose not to embellish the other side because the roses took so long.

IMG_036814. Hem the base of all four outside panels. I used a one inch seam.

15. Decorate the back panel. I made an apple tree. The apples can be picked and put into a basket pocket.




16. Cut out the basket and sew it on.

17. Cut out and glue on the tree.

18. Glue on the basket handle.

19. Sew felt apples.

20. Sew velcro to the apples and the tree.

That is all the work for the outside. Now we begin the inside. I made the inside a different color, but it is up to you.

21. Cut the inside fabric into four separate yards and hem the bottom edge of all inside panels.

22. Line up the bottom hems of each inside panel to an outside panel and sew across the top wrong sides together. Do not sew the bottom hems together. (They remain separated so that you can repair the play house if it is damaged during play.) Now that the hems are lined up, you can easily cut the door and windows out and be sure they will line up.

23. Cut out a space for the interior door and zig zag sew down the edges.

24. Cut out spaces for the interior windows and zig zag sew down the edges.

Now it is time to decorate the interior of the play house. I made a kitchen, a book shelf, and a dresser. The book shelf and dresser are just sewn pockets. I also made little “clothes” for the dresser.

The kitchen is more complex so I took the time to take lots of pictures of it.

25. Piece together and sew the refridgerator to the back interior panel. Sew the back of the fridge and the bowls, then the velcro, then the fridge doors.




26. Piece together the oven, lay it out and mark where you want the pots to go. Sew on the pots. Then, glue on the rest of the oven pieces.




27. Decorate the side interior panels if you wish.



Now this is the tricky part.

28. Sew the walls of the house together. I did this by laying them on the floor and lining up the hems. As you get two walls together, then three, then four, the house will get heavy and harder to manage while sewing. I suggest having a helper to support the weight of the fabric.

29. Sew on the roof. I sewed two opposite walls to the roof before the other two opposite walls. This worked well for me. Trim excess fabric if desired.

30. Show off your creation!


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I'm a neurotic stay-at-home-mom, formerly a middle school English teacher, trying to survive parenthood. I am married to a soldier, Dale, and we have two daughters, Ariana and Lorien.

6 thoughts on “How to Sew a Card Table Play House: A Free Tutorial

  1. This is such a great idea! Thank you.

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  5. So cute! I’m working on my granddaughter’s playhouse now & wow what a lot of work! Mine will have a stove, refrig, clothes washer, shelves, garden, apples tree… I keep adding things as I surf the net 🙂 My target dates this Xmas so I have plenty of time.
    Do you know what size you made the refrigerator & stove?
    Thank you!

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