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Surviving Pregnancy: A List of Items To Ease Those Nine Months

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flip flop

For some women, pregnancy is nine months of awesome. They have great hair, great nails, glowing skin, and the perfect excuse to not count calories. Along with this, some women have no morning sickness, or stretch marks, or varicose veins, or fatigue, or any of those other frustrating pregnancy symptoms.

Well, good for them. I’m happy for them. Now, I will address the rest of us.

Some women describe pregnancy as nine months of frustration mixed with nausea and near irrational hormonal mood swings. For some, like me, it’s even worse. I’m writing for you, oh pregnancy sufferers who can’t get through these nine months fast enough.

Here are some of the things I have found that really help make pregnancy less of a struggle:

Belly Band

They come by many names, but all are essentially a stretchy band worn over your non-maternity pants to make them last a little longer in those first few months of pregnancy. You remember those days. You don’t have enough belly for anyone to even notice, let alone call cute, and maternity clothes fall off of you, yet you can’t button your favorite jeans or any other pants. Belly Bands discreetly solve this problem. I had two, one white and one black, and used them for the first four months or so of my first pregnancy. Now that I’m expecting again, I have actually used my belly bands for this entire pregnancy, due to my need of a maternity support belt. The belly bands make wonderful, comfortable, thin layers for underneath the belt.

Maternity Support Belt

Speaking of which, I could not have survived this pregnancy with a maternity support belt. I never used one during my first pregnancy, but this time around I had abdominal surgery at fifteen weeks gestation (stupid appendix), and started to suffer a lot of pain in the scar tissue as my belly grew. Around twenty-two weeks, I invested in a maternity support belt and it really helped. As a bonus, it also relieved strain on my back and pelvis.

Granola Bars

They are individually wrapped, fit nicely in a purse, come in a variety of flavors, and are fairly healthy. I carry a couple of granola bars everywhere I go. If low blood sugar fatigue hits, I just eat one in four bites and continue on with my day. The only downside, my daughter loves them, and knows I always carry them, so she is always asking for one.

Flip Flops

I tend to wear flip flops any day the temperature is above forty degrees anyway, because I really don’t like socks. Still, when you are pregnant, and you can barely reach your feet, you can’t knock the convenience of flip flops. You can get them in any color. You can get them in casual and more dressy styles. They easily remove when you want your husband to give you a foot rub. Oh, and one more thing, they are comfortable. During pregnancy, comfort is the key. (My personal favorite brand of Flip Flops is Yellow Box. They have wonderfully foamy, squishy, comfy soles.)

Panty Liners

I’m mentioning them, but going into no detail. You can figure it out.

Soft Bras

Again, it’s a comfort thing. I personally prefer Motherhood Sleep Bras. They hold me up pretty well without underwire, and I am quite ample.

Baby Oil

I have never actually used baby oil on a baby, but it is a wonderful moisturizer for my skin. I use it every day when I step out of the shower to keep my skin soft, supple, and stretchy. I can’t say it prevented my stretch marks. That was probably genetics, but it really helped the itching and dryness associated with stretched skin. Oh, and it’s cheap, way cheaper than body lotion.

And finally…

A Smart Phone or a Good Old Fashioned Pad of Paper and a Pen

Because you can’t remember anything when you are pregnant. Seriously, I just forgot the point I was trying to make.


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One thought on “Surviving Pregnancy: A List of Items To Ease Those Nine Months

  1. Hi Mary, Its been a while. Do you have any new words of wisdom?

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