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The Best Cloth Diaper Brands (In My Opinion)

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I knew I wanted to cloth diaper before I was even pregnant with my first baby. I can’t explain why, but I saw something about cloth diapers on the internet and I was just fascinated. During my first pregnancy, I mentioned my desire to cloth diaper to some friends and colleagues and their reactions were very negative. Mostly I heard “they are so much work” and “you will give up on that quickly.” I’m stubborn by nature, so I vowed to prove them wrong and I began my cloth diaper journey when my baby was ten weeks old.

The first issue I met with cloth diapering was not how to use a cloth diaper or wash a cloth diaper. It was which cloth diaper to buy. The whole internet was buzzing about expensive pocket diapers, but I wanted to be more frugal. So I started out with two dozen prefolds and six covers. As the months went by, I continued to build my stash. Five years later, I have lots of cloth diapers in lots of styles and colors. Each kind of diaper is a little different. Some fit bigger babies and toddlers better and others work best on little babies. Some are cheaper, others are more extravagant (for a diaper anyway.)

Since you are reading this post, I assume you are interested in learning about different brands of diapers, so here is my list based on the kinds in my stash right now. I currently own the following brands: Bumgenius, Econobum, Flip, Fuzzibunz, Kawaii, DiaperRite, Charlie Banana, Grovia, Rumparooz, and Thirsties.

1. Best Diaper Cover for Little Babies- First Place Rumparooz, Second Place Fuzzibunz

I bought four Rumparooz covers for my newborn daughter and she could wear them at a week old. No other diaper in my stash adjusted down smaller. The pocket diapers are sized the same as the covers, so they should fit just as well. My daughter was petite then and still is today. At almost two years and twenty-five pounds, the Rumparooz still fit her.

My Fuzzibunz pockets fit her at about three weeks. They also still fit her now.

2. Best Diaper for Bigger Babies/Toddlers- Kawaii

Kawaii diapers are bigger than all the others I have tried. They fit my oldest daughter until she was three.

3. Most Adjustable Diaper- First Place Fuzzibunz, Second Place Bumgenius and Flip

Fuzzibunz have internal button hole elastics that make a perfect fit easy.

Bumgenius diapers and Flip covers both have stretchy elastic button tabs on their waist adjustments that make it easier to get the right fit.

4. Longest Lasting Diaper (resists wear and tear)- First Place Rumparooz, but all the following brands held up to rigorous washing very well: DiaperRite, Fuzzibunz, Bumgenius, Flip, Econobum, Grovia, Kawaii

5. Best Pocket Diaper for the Money: First Place Kawaii, Second Place DiaperRite

Kawaii diapers are only ten dollars or so each compared to twenty or more each for other brands and they hold up very well. DiaperRite is comparable in price to Kawaii, but have fewer colors and styles.

6. Best Prefold Diaper- DiaperRite

Diaper Junction hit gold when they created these prefolds. They are the perfect size and shape! They also make wonderful stuffing for pocket diapers.

7. Best Natural Fiber Diaper- First Place Grovia (organic cotton all-in-one), Second Place Kawaii bamboo pocket

Grovia organic cotton diapers are as soft as butter.

8. Diapers that are ok, but not great (in my opinion)- Thirsties, Charlie Banana, Econobum

Sure, they work, but they are the least often used diapers in my stash.

You may notice I didn’t say anything about leaking tendencies with any of these diapers. That’s because none of them have a tendency to leak. Preventing leaks is all about having the right absorbent layer.

9. Best Absorbent Layer- First Place Cotton Prefold, Second Place Hemp Soaker, Third Place Bamboo Soaker

I never use microfiber if I can help it. It doesn’t hold much and it smells after a while.

I hope this helped you navigate the confusing maze of diaper brands on the internet today. I suggest further reading at and



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